Thursday, 5 July 2012

The power of a WOMAN

From the creative home of MTX in Barcelona, Mertxe showcased the work from the talented Laura Salvador last night – an artist whose collection named "Las Venus" brings us a modern twist on our on-going fascination with the female mind and body. All her work involves concepts that link metaphors of the human body to its place in society.

Fueled by Catalan beer and good vibes, guests admired Laura’s creative visions scattered across the walls. When asked for one word to describe the artwork, guests expressed that Laura’s work was “sensual”, “organic”, “tangled” and “erotic”. Clearly the subject matter was conveyed in such a way that you could not help conjuring images of the female form in all its glory.

One guest in particular expressed her appreciation for “a modern age revision of traditional themes” and believed that the artwork brought about a “natural connection” between the art and its audience. 

However for some of the male guests, viewing Laura’s work was a puzzling experience. When asked his opinion of a giant inverted triangle, which historically has been worshiped as a symbol of the goddess’ vulva, he relied with “it reminds me of the Bermuda triangle”. Maybe some parts of a woman will forever remain a mystery even when faced with it in art form….

Also be sure to check for updates for the next artist Mertxe showcases in store!

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